GenderWhat an exciting weekend we’ve had; it seems like we’re bound to be kept on our toes by the unexpected in 2016. Although many would argue that nothing the Nelsons shared are unexpected. I’ve just been thinking and pondering about our obsession with LGBTQ+ issues lately.

I was reminded of Patrick Mason’s comments on the variety of worship and experiences within our faith (“Planted” again, but this time I can’t remember if it’s from the podcast with Gina Colvin, Dan Wotherspoon, and Boyd Peterson). He spoke about how individual our intelligences were/must have been back in the day when God came across them and offered us an opportunity to be born as spirits and come to earth and become as he is. It struck me as profound to see each and every one of the billions (?) of spirits had once been a unique intelligence, and as such we will all experience our faith journeys as incredibly unique and impossible to be carbon copies of each other. Of course we’ve got to welcome a variety of experiences of faith within our tent of membership.

I really wonder if intelligences had gender, our proclamation psuedo-states that they did (“gender is eternal”) but we really don’t know the difference between intelligences and the transformation that happened as they became spirit bodies. Anyway, just interesting to ponder on the fact. Do we really believe that always-existing intelligences existed in a heterosexual, binary gender?

My wonder at this unknown is what makes me so doubtful of people’s constructions of what the next life will be like: my eternal role as a woman is to birth and nurture spirits? weren’t they organized without a celestial uterus? Eternal increase could refer to our ability to create and organize in ways unfathomable. Anyways, my thoughts of late. I know it’s not important in the grand scheme of things to wonder about the unknowable mysteries of God, but our insistence that we are certain about it being an exact way sure is causing a lot of problems in people’s lives today.