Veil in the Celestial Room in the SL Temple

Temples in Utah (and elsewhere) often have special sessions for Spanish speaking patrons.  A temple worker once told me that that even though he doesn’t speak Spanish, he thought it would be fun to learn the veil ceremony in Spanish.  He was an older fellow, and decided to go on a mission with his wife.  On his mission application, he noted that he knew the the veil ceremony in Spanish, and was subsequently called on a Temple mission to South America.  (I think it was Chile.)  He said it was a wonderful experience.  He told me that he often closes his eyes to concentrate (because sometimes it can be a little noisy at the veil.)  While he was learning the Spanish ceremony, however, he needed to read a Spanish language card.  One time, without warning, an English speaking patron came to the veil, and he didn’t know how to respond at first!

I often close my eyes to concentrate at the veil as well.  Have you had any experiences like this at the veil that you feel comfortable sharing?

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