I dare you to watch the above video. If you can get through the 1:43 without at least smiling, I’ll send you a jar of Vegemite.

There is something so pure about the emotions of children. Their emotional honesty, which is innate, is so refreshing, so real. Such behaviour allows for parent/child bonding to occur freely. Think of the first time your child smiled at you, or the first time it cried – what emotions are you feeling as you think of those times…strong, aren’t they? [1]

I had a very interesting experience on Sunday. We are a day ahead of our USA friends and so I had a little less time to adjust to the news before going to church. I was pulled aside about half way through Gospel Doctrine by the Primary President. They had no one to play the piano and so after probably asking 16 other people that can play better than me, I was the only one left. I accepted the invitation, however much I wanted to see if the issue of the Handbook change was going to be discussed in HP (which it wasn’t).

Upon going to the Primary room I was greeted by a myriad of kids, all with about 10 times as much energy as I had. They were beautiful. Having older kids now, you forget how innocent and beautiful primary kids are. Their faces gleamed, smiles everywhere. This, it would seem, was what I needed after such horrendous news.

We were practicing “As I have loved you”. It is a favourite of mine. Simple and pure. The words are pure doctrine.

As I have loved you,

Love one another.

This new commandment:

Love one another.

By this shall men know

Ye are my disciples,

If ye have love

One to another.

I was asked to play this about ten times and the words sunk into my heart. I felt the spirit of this beautiful song and pictured Christ uttering those words.

At the end of the songs and activities it was announced that one of the kids was going to be Baptised. A few of the kids leapt up in absolute joy. One of the kids jumped up on her seat and shouted for about 30 seconds. Many joined her in screaming. What a beautiful sight it was. My heart melted and I felt very similar feelings as I did as a young parent seeing such joy in the eyes of my own children.

And then my heart sunk. What about any kids of gay parents? How would they feel when all of their peers are jumping up on their seats? How is that protecting them? How is that in their best interest?

The addition of a couple of words in the Church Handbook is related to me riding a roller coaster of feelings. Sadness, shock and disbelief on one hand and love, charity and spirit on the other.


What feelings have you felt as these changes have had time to settle in??



[1] Not all parents feel strong emotions towards their children. Post-Partum depression can often result in challenges to the bonding relationship. This post is not about the spectrum of parent/child bonding. It is about the display of emotion by children.