photo of temple robes published by the LDS Church

When Joseph Smith revealed the new Temple Endowment in Nauvoo, he believed he was restoring an ancient temple practice that dated to the days of Solomon.  He borrowed heavily from the Masonic ceremonies, and Masons believed that Masons who built the Temple of Solomon had carried forth the ancient rites.  (This isn’t true, as Mormon Heretic detailed in his transcript of a Mormon Stories podcast.  Masonry dates back only to Medieval times.)

Levitic Priests had much more color than LDS Temple robes, and this man is also wearing his breastplate. This comes from a Jewish website “Double Portion Inheritance” and has some fascinating information. See

The church has published photos of Mormon temple robes, worn by both men and women, and they are not very similar to the ancient robes that Levites wore, complete with a breastplate.  Is it safe to assume that Joseph restored an ancient temple practice, or are these temple practices highly adapted to a modern audience?  Certainly no Levites were women.

What are your thoughts regarding the restoration of ancient temple practices?