LDS temples are known as “the House of the Lord.”  It is the place where God will come if He decides to visit.  We also know that no unclean thing can dwell with God.

These 2 men portrayed Satan in the previous temple films.

The endowment ceremony contains a dramatization of the creation of the world, Adam and Eve partaking of the forbidden fruit, and being cast out of the Garden of Eden.  Satan tries to fool Adam by creating a counterfeit religion of the philosophies of men, mingled with scripture.  True messengers meet Adam, and cast out Satan.  Before he leaves, Satan turns to the camera as if he is personally speaking to the audience and declares that if members of the audience do not keep every covenant they make in the temple, they will be under Satan’s power.

Why is Satan making such a bold statement in the house of the Lord, where no unclean thing can enter?