finger-curl-gestureOne of the most puzzling questions I have struggled with for a long time is: How much does God intervene in our lives?  And more specifically, “Does God call people home (back to His presence)? As we contemplate this anniversary of 9/11 and as my family approaches the first anniversary of my daughter’s passing, I can’t seem to get my arms around this question.

We had a friend involved in a major traffic accident this week and he barely survived. Many people tried to comfort the family by saying things like: “I guess it wasn’t his time,” or “God didn’t call Him home yet,” or “I guess he has more to do on this earth.” Which lead me to the question would God really “call someone home” by putting them through a horrendous and painful event like an automobile accident when He could just have them not wake up from a night’s sleep?

I admit I do not have an answer to this one.

There is a huge difference between doing something that leads to one’s own death, like purposefully taking your life (BTW, that happened to a family friend this week as well) or engaging in behavior that can be fatal (like using drugs or some risky activity like ice climbing). But it is quite another to be minding one’s own business, like sitting on an airplane that someone flies into a building, or driving down the road and getting t-boned by a careless or drunk driver.

We’ve heard countless stories from 9/11 about people that were supposed to be in the World Trade Center buildings or on one of those planes and were delayed for one reason or another. Coincidence or divine providence?

I can see an elderly person finally able to free himself or herself from this earthly life after a long life and a tired body and die a peaceful death. But why do some people have to linger in pain or forget who they are? What of God’s purpose does that really serve?

Yes, Yes, I know. It is to give us experience and to help us endure this earth life. But, really?

So, I leave it in your hands to try to explain it to me. Because I just don’t know.