Meet the real Jack Morman, County Commissioner
Meet the real Jack Morman, County Commissioner

A few week ago, we asked what type of Mormon you are.  Some of our readers think this is an outdated question, and think the term “Jack Mormon” isn’t really used anymore.  Well, there is a real person named Jack Morman (notice the “a” instead of an “o” at the end of his name.  He’s the Harris County (Texas) Commissioner, and according to his biography,

Jack Morman’s family

Commissioner Morman’s top priority is promoting economic growth in East Harris County by improving the infrastructure in Precinct 2 and developing a business friendly environment throughout county government.

He is a graduate of Baylor University and Baylor University Law School and had a private law practice before winning the Commissioner’s race in November, 2010.

Commissioner Morman and his wife, Andi, graduated from Deer Park High School.  They have two young children, daughter Jordan and son Trey.

Judging from this photo, this Morman would make a great Mormon, and has a great Morman family.  Here are some questions for you.

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Click here for a brief history of the term.  Do you know any other Jack Mormons?