There are some people who try to reconcile the Bible’s account of creation with science.  In this interpretation, God uses evolution in the creation process.  Science seems to confirm that man was the last creation of all animals, as Genesis attests.  In this interpretation, Adam wasn’t so much the first man on the earth, but was the first man to receive revelation from God.  So, Adam is the first prophet and father of mankind in the same way that George Washington of the father of our country.  Certainly Washington didn’t father all of America’s children, but we call him the father of mankind.  The bonus of this story is that it agrees with the fossil record.  Archaeology shows man is much older than the 6000 years that the Bible seems to imply.  It does seem that recorded history is just about 6000 years old, which seems relatively confirmed by the Bible.  What do you think of this reconciliation?  Could God have used evolution in the creation process?