blessed-as-650x280I’m leaving at noon today to drive from Rexburg to Salt Lake City to attend General Conference. I’m suffering from my own case of GC anxiety, as I’m sure many unorthodox saints feel about this weekend. It’s a feeling only exasperated by the family traditions that surround this weekend. Last year I was at my parent’s house when Elder Holland delivered a blistering attack on those who want an “easy” loving Jesus and those who advocate for transgression. [1] The looks I received from my parents, who are on the opposite end of the political spectrum as me, and their reaction afterwards are why we decided GC will no longer be an extended family affair. A few weeks later I had my first guest post, General Conference Buffet. Last year I suggested that the orthodox members would do well to pay more attention to the Uchtdorfs and the unorthodox should listen more to the Packers. I encouraged each side of the divide to stretch and improve ourselves.

This weekend will be very different for me. It’s the first weekend attending GC that my 9 year old daughter can accompany us. It will be her first time in the Conference Center and her first time seeing the Prophet in person. She asked me the other day if she could go up and shake his hand afterwards and it broke my heart say no; she’s very excited. I want her to positively remember this weekend. I want her to feel the Spirit and be filled with love for our leaders and her fellow saints. I suppose that’s what I want for myself as well.

Since being diagnosed with lupus six months ago, I’m a little more attuned into the concept of self-care. So I give you other advice instead: there will be a message for you this weekend that you need to hear. If there are some talks that bother you, I hope you will let them go and focus on the one that brings you closer to Christ. I hope you find something where the Spirit will touch your heart and expand your love for your leaders and your neighbors. I hope you find focus on the Savior on this Easter Weekend. I hope your weekend is blessed.

I hope you can find a safe place to vent, but also still find the good. Please share your hopes and anxieties about the coming weekend.

I’ll go first:

I hope Uchtdorf shows up with a beard. I hope a wife of an apostle shows up in a gorgeous pantsuit. I hope Easter morning in a hotel room doesn’t suck. I hope our Easter dinner of Crown Burger in the car on the way home hits just the right spot.