Creation Room in SL Temple. Note the V-shape of seats at the front where men sit on the left rather than the right.

My sister came to town recently with her adult children.  She invited me to come to the Salt Lake Temple for a live session.  I hadn’t done that in a long time, and noted a few of the unusual differences of a live session versus the typical filmed version.  Here are a few things I noticed.

  1. Eve is REALLY old – Since most of the temple workers are retired, it was interesting to see a white-haired Eve, rather than a 20-something Eve in the films.
  2. People leave the Creation room and enter the Garden Room through that door

    Men sit on the left at least in the Creation Room.  In the film version, patrons do not move around.  But in Salt Lake, the room is setup different.  The first 5 rows are in a V shape, and then men sit on the left of the V, rather than the right side of the room as is customary.  However, if there are more patrons than simply the V, the men do sit on the right.  Because the door to the next room (Garden Room) is on the right, this setup allows men to walk in on the right side of the Garden Room without a problem.

  3. Peter was a black man.  I probably shouldn’t notice this, but it was nice to have some diversity.  This only happened one time, but I still thought it was cool.
  4. Adam gives signs to Eve.  In the film versions, the officiator gives the signs or tokens to Adam, and then the temple workers walk around the room to the patrons.   However, in Salt Lake, the officiator gives the signs or tokens to Adam, then Adam gives them to his wife, then Adam and Eve give them to the temple workers.  Salt Lake definitely has more steps involved here.
  5. A lot of workers forget the lines.  There is a lot to remember!

(Here are more photos inside the SL Temple if you’re interested.)  Modern Temples are so bland compared to these wonderful murals in the SL Temple.  What have you noticed when attending the live sessions?  I know some of the newer temples have patrons move during the endowment sessions.  Have you noticed differences among the temples?