Wheat & Tares welcomes guest poster Bill Reel once more for a discussion on Julie Willis’s BYU Speeches Talk   – “Gaining Light through Questioning” 

Mormon Discussion Podcast So takes a closer look at the ability to ask tough questions within the LDS culture.

– Do you feel comfortable asking tough questions in your Ward and Stake?

–  Do you bring up tough questions in the 3 hour block or do you prefer to do it outside of Church?

– Have you asked tough questions in the past and how did others respond to them?

This episode is found HERE

 Resources for this episode

BYU IDAHO Speech by Julie Willis on Video

BYU IDAHO speech by Julie Willis Audio

Michael Otterson’s letter

Church article to the youth on Questioning

Bill Reel is the host of Mormon Discussion Podcast.  The podcast tries to deal with the tough issues forthrightly while “leading with faith”.