liberals_585“One time I asked one of our Church educational leaders how he would define a liberal in the Church. He answered in one sentence: ‘A liberal in the Church is merely one who does not have a testimony.’” ~Harold B. Lee, “The Iron Rod,” General Conference 1971.

As jarring as that statement is, might there be *some* truth to it?

Both liberals and conservatives value (or rather, have “testimonies” of) compassion, fairness, and liberty. However, liberals in general do not value authority, loyalty, and sanctity, while conservatives do.*

Clearly those extra 3 values are a part of the mainstream church.

So if you’re a “liberal” in the church, the next time someone questions your testimony, you can clarify: You *do* have a testimony of charity. You just don’t have a testimony of authority.

*See/read Jonathan Haidt’s work for more info: