The internet is rife with great pranks for this most inauspicious of holidays.  Here are a handful that are uniquely Mormon-themed, just for our Bloggernacle readers.

  1. Find some of your Kindergarten clay projects.  Sell them on ebay as “Authentic Mayan Artifacts.”
  2. Using the ward list, call everyone on it about an “exciting scented candle opportunity” that will help them make millions.  Start with the bishop.
  3. Create an “Ordain Dogs” web site.  Use the site to expound on the entirely valid idea that ordaining women and women wearing pants is a slippery slope, just like the inevitability that gay marriage will result in state-sanctioned bestiality or people marrying rocks.
  4. Invite the elders over for dinner.  Before they show up have all the males in the household hide, so that only females are present for the meal.  Watch their discomfort as they determine whether they should enter the casa de estrogen or not.
  5. Change your Facebook political status to Communist.  Post several liberal articles.  Post a status update in which you explain why Nancy Pelosi is your personal role model.  Watch ward and family members react.

What Mormon-themed pranks do you suggest?