Would these people fit in your ward?

We frequently talk about how different our local ward experiences are from place to place, and even over time.  I put together a quick and totally subjective rating system to determine how “feminist-friendly” our wards are on the whole.  This is using a 1-5 scale with 1 being hostile to feminists and 5 being welcoming to feminists.

1.  Pants!  Pants are not in and of themselves significant except that they are officially allowed but culturally frowned on for women.

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2. Working Women.

[poll id=”390″]

3.  The Proclamation on the Family

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4.  How is it handled when couples are assigned to give talks?

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I thank thee that I was not asked to speak!

5.  Women praying

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6.  Young Women budgets

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7.  Youth recognition

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8.  Female leadership

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9.  Male leadership

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She’s all right, but hottest?

10.  Modesty

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11.  Baby blessings.

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12.  Men’s norms and roles

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Did your ward come out on the progressive side (lots of 4s and 5s) or the anti-feminist side (lots of 1s and 2s)?  Has your ward changed over time?  What caused the changes?  How does your current ward compare to other wards you’ve been in?