Now that Seasons 3 and 4 are on Netflix, I’m catching up on Sister Wives again.  Season 4 Episode 4 was a Q&A titled You Asked, They Answered, in which viewers ask all sorts of questions of the Browns.  One question in particular gave me much pause, and I thought it might be a nice discussion.

JanelleJanelle, “Ok, Sarah’s asking ‘how would you react if one of your children came out to you?’ and I’m assuming this means came out as a homosexual. And, you know, I’ve thought about this because the odds are, with as many children as we have – the odds are that we could have one or two.  And I’ve really thought about this, and I don’t think it would disrupt my world any.”

Christine, “You know I talked to one of my kids, and she goes, ‘what if I chose to being home a girlfriend, how you’d feel?’  She was just throwing it out there because she loves to be spontaneous.”

Kody, “And they like to challenge.  And they like to challenge us.”

ChristineChristine, “Exactly.  And this is what I said.  I said, ‘Well, then you couldn’t have her come play in your room ‘cause right now boys aren’t allowed in your room, and neither could girls be allowed in your room. So, I think it’d be really kind of tough path for you to have a close relationship with somebody.’  I said, “Mind you, if this is a committ4ed relationship, you better bring her over so I can meet her.  If she’s not right for you, then I’m gonna put up a fight, just like I would if you brought home a boy who wasn’t right for you, too.”

Robyn, “To answer this question honestly, I would be said for a child that realized they were a homosexual because that’s a hard life.”

Christine, “Agreed.”

RobynRobyn, “My heart would go out to them.  I’d feel really sad on a level because they would face so many prejudices, as well, and so many challenges.  It’s not an easy life, and I think that’s one of the biggest challenges, is whether or not their family loves them and accepts them.”

Kody, “We have determined that we will accept our children with whatever their relationship or their lifestyle is.”Kody

  • What are your thoughts about the Browns reaction to this question?
  • Have you thought about this question for your family?  Would you react the same or differently?
  • If you have a child that has “come out”, did you handle it well?
  • If you have a child that has “come out”, have your feelings changed regarding civil unions?  If they have stayed the same, are they stronger for/against gay marriage?Meri