Last year we introduced two new Bloggernacle awards:  (1) The Wheaties, and (2) the Tarefic Awards!  As we approach the end of the year, it is time to look back on the best and worst of 2013.  Start your nominations!  We want to highlight YOU and your favorite 2013 Mormon blogs, and we are pleased to announce our continued collaboration with Ziff, the mighty numbers cruncher of Zelophehad’s Daughters, who will handle results presentation at the end of this event.  Because some of these are pretty common, we will start with a few nominations, but feel free to add your own.

Here are our 2013 Wheaties categories:

Best big blog:

Best group blog:

Best humorous blog:

Best podcast:

Best apologetic blog:

Best new blog (first published in 2013):

Best solo blog:

Best new blogger:

  • Mike C, Zelophehad’s Daughters
  • Melody, Exponent
  • Nate, Wheat and Tares

Best blog layout/graphics:

Best overall blogger:

  • Winterbuzz, Feminist Mormon Housewives
  • April, Exponent
  • Rebecca J., By Common Consent
  • Heather, Doves & Serpents
  • Angela C/Hawkgrrrl, Wheat & Tares and By Common Consent

Best commenter:

  • April, Exponent
  • Melody, Rational Faiths

Most memorable comment:

Funniest thread:

Best post title:

Best humorous post:

Best satirical post:

Best historical post:

Best post series:

Best poetry post:

Best apologetic post:

Best spiritual post:

Best doctrinal post:

Best post on church policy:

Best personal post:

Best faith crisis post:

Best current events post:

Best Commentary/Response to the Race and the Priesthood release:

Best book/article review:

Best contribution to the Bloggernacle in 2013:
Best contribution to interfaith dialogue:

Best Mormon Facebook community or discussion forum:

Best Mormon Activism:

Write-in category:

And here are the categories for the Tarefic Awards!

Worst Mormon Internet Drama:

  • Cynthia L, By Common Consent:  “Tareific Scandal Rocks Bloggernacle”  (the accidental awarding of BCC over FMH and the ensuing tongue-in-cheek meme war.  Steve Evans responds.  FMH fires back.  Oh, that all internet dramas were equally entertaining to the audience as to the combatants!)
  • Daniel Peterson’s ongoing drama over Mormon liberals, John Dehlin, and his totally unrelated career change
  • The Tom Phillips October Surprise that didn’t happen
  • Denver Snuffer’s Excommunication
  • Anything involving an “Open Letter”

Biggest Soapbox Commenter:

  • Donnette Moore (aka Elizabeth Johnston) and various sock puppets on Let Women Pray and other Mormon Feminist sites.  She was outed after having several conversations with herself about the topic.
  • Will at Wheat & Tares

Commenter that started the most arguments:
Most missed personality on the Bloggernacle:

Worst Mormon Activism:

  • Sheri Dew’s book on Women & the Priesthood right after women were denied entrance to the Priesthood Session
  • Facebook event:  “Support our Priesthood Holders” in response to Ordain Women

Worst Comments:

  • Clayton Clark: “Excommunicate all of them. Sometimes you need to shoot a hostage. You fight against God you will surly [sic] receive your reward.”  (from the I Am LDS thread where they shared an article about the church announcing it would deny entrance to the priesthood session for Ordain Women.)
  • Jettboy, on gay marriage:  “Hopefully Utah Mormons, if no one else, will become far less tolerant of gays and those who support them in the Church. They got their secular “freedom,” and can now lay in the bed they made. You call yourself gay? You have no business coming to church unless you repent and reject that you are one. Then you need to prove it by getting married and staying that way. Mormon gays and supporters think its going to be easier now. Nope. Its going to become much harder. You used to be a nuisance. Now you are a mortal enemy.”

Write-in category:

If you think of another category we haven’t listed, feel free to nominate!  Also, please spread the word!  Some blogs didn’t know about the nominations until it was too late.

Please include a link to the 2013 blog/post/comment that you nominate if you wish it to be considered. Put your link in [brackets] so that it will get through our spam catcher.  As always, you are welcome to nominate yourself, but try to think of some other bloggers to recognize too.  For-profit blogs  will not be considered.  This thread is the place to make any  thoughtful comments, concerns or suggestions on the categories or the process.  They will be duly considered by our panel.  Thank you for your participation. It’s YOU that makes the Wheaties and Tarefic Awards great!