Mormon Cinema has had a much lower profile lately.  However, there are 2 movies out now, and I wanted to see what everyone thought about these two movies:  Ender’s Game and The Saratov Approach.

The Saratov Approach is based on a true story.  Two Mormon missionaries kidnapped in Russia.

These are the missionaries that were actually kidnapped in Russia

Ender’s Game on the other hand, has nothing to do with Mormons.  It is based on a book written by Orson Scott Card, (a Mormon) and is science fiction.  I was surprised to hear that Harrison Ford plays a prominent role.  All I’ve heard is that some are boycotting the movie because of Scott’s stance against gay marriage

Harrison Ford plays a less prominent role to protagonist Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, portrayed by Asa Butterfield.

I haven’t seen either yet.  Do you have any recommendations?