Jesus-originalSupermanOk, I admit it. I am old enough that Superman for me was and always will be George Reeves. In addition, while I enjoyed Christopher Reeve as Superman, I have not seen any other film remakes including the current “Man of Steel.” Yes, I did also watch the TV series with Dean Cain, but it was convenient.

As the new “Man of Steel” is released, I caught a glimpse of the suggestion that the film is comparing or aligning Superman with Jesus. In fact, the UK Guardian has an article about it. There is a special “Man of Steel” website here that is a Ministry Resource site to “need to educate and uplift your congregation” and refers to Jesus as the original superhero.

If these folks had any idea how close the Superman story is to old Mormon theology about Jesus and His origin, I doubt they would be amused. And I doubt you will ever hear it over an LDS pulpit, but then again, I might be surprised.

According to the Book of Abraham, the star nearest to the place where God dwells is called Kolob. (Abraham 3:3).  If God dwells there, we can assume the councils of Heavens were held there.  It was there that it was decided that God would send the Baby Jesus to earth to save humankind from Eternal death and sin.

In similar fashion, Jor-el was a ruler on the Planet Krypton and sent his baby son, Kal-el (El being Hebrew for God). As Krypton was being destroyed, Jor-el sent his son in a space capsule where he landed  on Earth and discovered/ adopted by Sam and Molly Kent (Though those names were Eben and Sarah Kent in the original TV series) and called Clark Kent. Clark’s father dies and he and his mother are left to run the farm.

Clark grows up and becomes a crusader for social justice, fighting crime as Superman in the city of Metropolis.

One can see certain parallels, but it is hardly likely that two Jewish kids in Cleveland, Ohio, Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel would have created a story that was similitude to the life of Jesus.

Nevertheless, I found the parallel with LDS Theology rather interesting as the film is being promoted as a similitude.  

What do you think?