I recently had a visitor in my Sunday School class, a young Beehive who currently lives in Bali, Indonesia.  I know from personal experience that there is no LDS branch in Bali.  This girl said that her family just attends another Christian church that is in their neighborhood.  This reminded me of when I was growing up.  At times, we were unable to attend church because of weather or because we were in an area where there was no branch and we were either traveling or in the middle of moving house (I grew up back east).  We sometimes did our own sacrament meeting in our house or hotel room.  I almost never hear of people doing that anymore.  When we are on vacation in Asia we sometimes consider something non-LDS yet spiritual (visiting a Buddhist or Hindu temple or the mausoleum of a reverred communist leader) as our best substitute for the day when there is no nearby LDS church.

What would you do?  Would your answer change if you were in the situation for an extended period of time?

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