Today’s guest poster is Tatiana, a crazy-cat-lady engineer entrepreneur scientist flexitarian mom wildlife-sanctuarian public-healthian global-developer pro-nuke feminist liberal Mormon.

Averting Human Extinction party platform:

There are 15 key points.

  1. Energy: Work with utility companies to aggressively move away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy including next-generation nuclear energy using reprocessed fuel. This will limit the greenhouse gas emissions while using up our spent fuel reserves and nuclear weapons stockpiles over the next century, while expanding and not contracting the available energy infrastructure for use by human civilization.
  2. Space: Aggressively pursue exploration and colonization of the solar system so as to give the human spirit frontiers to explore, and afford humanity multiple places to survive in the event of large catastrophes. Build libraries of DNA, seed banks, and frozen embryos of many species to use as a resource for worldwide gardening, agriculture, and ecosystem-rebuilding. Build a planetary asteroid-defense system to search for and defend against potential future impacts with their civilization-ending possibilities. Put Earth-life’s eggs in more than this one fragile planetary basket.
  3. Environment: Green and clean our whole planet to decrease pollution and allow ecosystems to flourish. Study ecosystem viability in various closed systems associated with Mars colonization, Lagrange-point asteroid colonization, and Moon bases, and learn how to restore damaged ecosystems here on earth to flourishing. Shift the cost of externalities like pollution to those businesses which cause it, wherever possible.
  4. Oceans: Establish international treaties on depletion of sea life, over-fishing, and ocean pollution where needed and enforce those we have. Establish undersea colonies where practicable.
  5. Clean Water: Aggressively pursue clean water and wastewater treatment systems all over the planet to limit the scourge of water-borne diseases and decrease the infant death rate from diarrhea and other treatable diseases.
  6. War: Work to make war and other political violence unacceptable among the international community. End war forever by emphasizing how humans are all one large messy but closely related family, and by taking steps with our international partners to treat it as the crime that it is.
  7. Women: Increase women’s participation in government and directive councils at the state, local, national, and international level. Aggressively work to decrease violence against women and children by treating domestic violence and sexual violence more seriously and educating children, police forces, and community health workers on women’s autonomy and safety, on women’s contributions to development, and on the vital importance of women in history, politics and human social and intellectual life.
  8. Education and Infrastructure: Improve education, taking advantage of the worldwide web to allow students to pursue education at all levels from elementary to post-doctorate for free with a web connection. Build a nationwide fiber optic free high-speed internet project and implement it as a modern-day version of the interstate highway system of the 50s. Invest in infrastructure sustainably whether it be new systems like internet access, or existing ones like highways, bridges, clean water systems, the ecosystem, agriculture infrastructure, markets for labor and goods, electricity, natural gas, phones, primary healthcare, education, art and literature, music, dance, and all systems that address human needs and flourishing.
  9. Health: Make primary healthcare available to all regardless of ability to pay implementing the model of community health care workers to find and succor patients, to encourage and teach good parenting to mothers and fathers, to make birth control available to all women for free so that they can plan the optimal size of their families, also to end the scourge of treatable diseases worldwide.
  10. Science: Engender scientific research to improve agricultural practices, including outreach to farmers, also child development practices with outreach to parents and schools, domestic knowledge for parents on best practices in nutrition, health, and entrepreneurship, for generation of family income. Emphasize the importance of families to every level of society. Fund basic science research as the engine of our future prosperity.
  11. Disaster Relief: Develop instantly deployable relief systems for warning of and responding to earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanoes, disease pandemics, tornadoes, floods, medical emergencies, fires, war including suppression of violence and reestablishment of the rule of law, refugee crises including temporary and permanent housing, food, water, education, economic development for refugees and refugee camps worldwide.
  12. Tax system: establish a fair and simple tax system. Require that all legislators do their own personal taxes and make it unlawful for them to hire any tax advisors or accountants to help them with their tax returns. This would ensure ease and simplicity of the tax system.
  13. Military: We need those with more expertise to develop this platform plank. Place emphasis on modern systems, fewer battleships and aircraft carriers, more precision weaponry, fewer personnel. Focus on lowering cost to perhaps twice the investment of the next highest spending country, rather than 10 times as we do now.
  14. Justice: Improve access to the justice system for those at most risk. Skew more toward what works scientifically to cure and heal, instead of only punishment. This includes treatment for addicts and the anti-social, incarceration only of dangerous criminals, and education and reintegration for those it will help.
  15. Drugs: Legalize those drugs in most widespread use. Tax them heavily and use the money to fund study and education about the true detriments to health, families, and society caused by recreational drug use, and also for the treatment of addiction.

What have I forgotten? I’d love to flesh this out and make it real. Before a thing can come to exist we first must imagine it.

This is where I think we should be going as a species. Pretend you are the Mom or Dad of the whole human family. Develop and emphasize all those things that will help your family flourish, from the basics of health and providence up to the highest levels of knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual being. Picture what your family needs, starting with a livable planet, and then figure out how to provide it. Plan for foreseeable difficulties and take responsibility for side-effects.

Make sure everything you do is sensible and sustainable. Teach your children to work hard to build a positive future for themselves and their kids and grandkids. Look forward with a perfect brightness of hope. Love all your children, even and especially those problem children who need extra help to get there, for whatever reasons.

Grow the heck up as a species and quit acting like heedless adolescents, sure that our reckless behavior will have no consequences and someone else will pick up the pieces down the road. We must be the adults who plan and work and provide for our own selves and our offspring. This is our calling.

This first draft is clearly the work of an engineer, since I focus on technology and the mechanics of us making our living in the world as a species. Obviously it needs input from all the other professions. I’m sure whole areas of vital importance have been left out. In the comments, let me know what you would add or change.  Discuss the merits of the ideas and point out impracticalities. It’s only the bare bones of a sketch of an outline. I’d love help fleshing it out and making it more useful and real.