For this poll we are going to try something a little different. You are going to be the Stake President! I’ve never been a Stake President, but the following happened to a ward I know, and I’m sure it happens more then we’d like it to.

Three years ago you called a new bishop for the 4th ward in your stake.  He is a capable family man with several kids. But he has an overbearing personality, and can get on peoples nerves at times. He also tends to micromanage, telling the auxiliaries and quorums how to run their programs.  You have had many PPIs with him, trying to teach him good management and leadership skills, but nothing seems to work.

You started getting complaints about this bishop soon after he was called, but you just chalked it up to the normal complaints you receive about all new bishops in the stake while their wards are getting use to  them. But the ones from 4th ward seems to be more frequent, and they have not abated.

Last year you got word that several families in 4th ward have started to attend other wards because of this bishop. You met with the families, and they understand they can’t have callings in the new ward, but they are firm in not going back to their geographical ward while the current bishop is in place. You also learn that several people stopped going to church all together, and then just last week, the person you called to be Elders Quorum President turned you down, saying he could not work with that bishop.

You have contemplated releasing the bishop after  just 3 years, but don’t want to embarrass him in front of the ward. You must weigh this against all the members that may be lost, some permanently because of this bishop.

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