If the Republicans actually scripted a loss next November, they could not have done it much better than the drama that continues to play out on the campaign trail.

Now, it is not 100% sure that they will lose to Obama later this year, but the battle royal we’ve seen is still not quite over yet, as even Yogi Berra would say, ‘till it’s over. I suppose Newt is hoping the South will rise again and Rick is still counting on the fact that Evangelicals would not vote for a Mormon even against a President they hate.

It is clear that Mitt Romney is going to be the nominee of the Republican Party, even if Newt and Rick refuse to accept it. Ron Paul has always been in it for a different reason, so I don’t think he ever thought he could win, even during the “anyone but Romney” pageant.

But here are a few observations I made along the way which I found rather amusing and amazing.

  • Most people don’t realize that Newt Gingrich’s first wife, Jackie Battley was his high school geometry teacher. And that they first met while he was in high school. But, according to him, nothing happened until he was 19 years old, when they got married. She was 26. Yeah, right.
  • Rick Santorium likes to complain about a Government-run health care program, which, of course, does not exist outside of Medicare and Medicaid, but he doesn’t mind using the generous federal healthcare benefits he receives as a former member of the US Senate. While his youngest daughter has a rare genetic disease, which is more than often fatal, he does not have to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars it takes to help prolong her life. Yet, for parents in the same situation with a child with Trisomy 18, they would not be so lucky to have their child around after 3 years if they cannot afford healthcare.
  • It’s hard to understand just how much evangelicals will not vote for a Mormon as to embrace a serial adulterer and liar as Newt Gingrich.   They say they believe in forgiveness and God’s grace, and Newt has said he has gone to God to seek forgiveness and has received it. But, there seems to be an important component missing that the scriptures tell us is a key part of the repentance process, reconciliation and restitution. It’s not clear to me that either of those were done. And let’s not forget “forsake the sin.”
  • I realize that Mitt and the rest are talking to Republicans, playing to their basic dislike of President Obama, but the truth squad they are not. If Republicans actually have a better idea than give money to the rich, they might want to focus on their plan rather than constantly distorting Obama’s record. I think the American people are very open to considering an alternative to what is happening today with the economy, but they need a real plan which they believe will work and benefit them. It is very possible for Republicans to win, but not the way they are currently going about it.
  • Ronald Reagan is dead. Move on. There is no mantle.
  • Rick Santorium is actually running for President in 2016, not this year.
  • Many people like some of Ron Paul’s ideas about the economy and personal liberty, but cannot handle his view on foreign policy. The Government wastes much more money than we give in Foreign Aid, which is mostly credits to buy American goods, not cash.
  • It takes a lot of ego to run for political office. But, we cannot even contain Newt Gingrich’s ego within the shores of the United States.
  • Romney says that Obama has alienated our allies over his “failed foreign policies.” Doesn’t Mitt remember The George W. Bush era? Oh, and saying that Obama is trying to make the US like Europe is not exactly endearing Europeans to him….. BTW, message to Mitt, most Americans WANT our troops out of the Middle East, especially their families.