Eight votes.  That’s the narrow margin by which Romney won the Iowa caucus.  In essence, it was a 3 way tie between Romney, Paul and Santorum, each with 7 delegates.  Here is what Mitt had to say about it on his FB feed:  “Thank you, Iowa!  What better place than the heartland of America to start the restoration of America’s heart and soul.”  Too bad he couldn’t squeeze in “supernal.”

A few other interesting tidbits:

  • Perry is headed home and likely calling it quits.  Let’s see if he can remember where he left Texas.
  • McCain is going to stump for Romney in New Hampshire.  In related news, Hell records record low temperatures.
  • Bachmann’s out.  Not enough votes, not enough money, and evangelicals apparently prefer Santorum who hasn’t peaked yet.
  • Those who cared most about electability voted for Romney.  Also, those who prefer chablis to Budweiser.

Romney’s political spin aside, how do you interpret the Iowa caucus results?  Here are some possibilities:

  • Iowan Republicans care more about hating on Mormons than electability, hence the Santorum surge.
  • There are a lot of wingnuts in Iowa’s GOP, hence Paul’s placement at 21%.  (Sorry to the Paul lovers out there!)
  • Romney is unbeatable.  The GOP should know, since they’ve thrown up every possible non-Romney candidate to try to defeat him.
  • Gingrich is ready to go Yosemite Sam on Romney.  Unfortunately, Romney doesn’t have a history of serial adultery, so he’ll have to pander to the anti-corporation and anti-Mormon crowd or dredge up the blue state Governor bit again.

What’s your reaction to the Iowa caucus?  Let’s do a couple quick polls to see what you think is ahead for our GOP candidates:

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What do you see in the future of the GOP primary?  Is Mitt going to be the candidate to face Obama?  Discuss.