Everyone knows the 12 days celebrated in December are to celebrate Jul, right?

Or is it to celebrate bûche de noel availability?

The Winter Solstice?

Or just a pure Saturnalia?


Or do we take the Puritan’s approach and complain that it is a Papist event that should be celebrated by putting people in the stocks?

What I like best about the season is the historical approach, to quote from the Wiki:

Saturnalia was introduced around 217 BC to raise citizen morale after a crushing military defeat at the hands of the Carthaginians.[2] Originally celebrated for a day, on December 17, its popularity saw it grow until it became a week-long extravaganza, ending on the 23rd

That is, the holiday is one that every culture invents for itself, for its own meaning and use.

To take this season and make something of it to enrich ourselves, recreate for the needs of our hearts and to generate our own remembrances.

Which is why I celebrate Christmas and the Festival of Lights each year.  To recreate hope and memory in my heart.

What do you celebrate each year and why?

Which festival of lights? Well, pick one. 😉

  • Chaharshanbe Suri, part of the Persian New Year and also known as Festival of Light
  • Diwali, a religious festival associated with Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism
  • Hanukkah, a Jewish festival also called The Festival of Lights