Your local community has a ballot initiative to uphold the traditional definition of marriage, and you’ve been asked as bishop to support the measure.  During this same time frame, you notice a reliable elderly couple has suddenly stopped coming to church. They had previously been very active, but are now conspicuously absent from the pews during sacrament meeting. You drop by their house one day on your way home from church to check up on them.

They greet you kindly at the door and invite you in.  After some small talk, you ask them why they have not been to church. The sister explains that they have a grown son who is gay.  Nobody in the ward is aware of this, as they moved to the ward after he was already living on his own.  She tells you of the heartache they have felt each Sunday as members talked about how the “evil” gays were going to destroy their marriages.  She told about the discomfort as a whole sacrament meeting was taken over by the stake, with special speakers selected to support the ballot initiative.

She explains that it was simply more than they could bear, and they have decided to stop coming to church.  Her husband has remained silent through this, but you notice large tears rolling down his face as his wife talks with you.

What do you tell them?

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What else would you say or do?  Discuss.