Last week we passed our one year mark since we started this blog.  It’s been an enjoyable experience to be part of this project.  Thanks for coming along!  I decided to look at the site stats to see what posts our readers were most interested in.  Here’s the Top 10.

Post Author
Sacred Molehill: Women’s Garments (And Men’s) Mike S
Unveiling the 2010 Church Handbook of Instructions Bored In Vernal
Good vs Great: Iomega and General Conference Statistics Mike S
Was the Civil War Prophecy About the Civil War? FireTag
Mormons and Feminism Stephen Marsh
Science & Religion #3: Scientific Search For Truth Mike S
Sacred Molehill: Tattoos Mike S
Uncorrelated Mormons: Put your Money Where Your Mouth is. Andrew S
Sacred Molehill: Tithe the Church’s For-Profit Businesses Mike S
Elder Cook: Doctrinal Development on the Role of Women Bored In Vernal

I must say that I was a bit surprised that there were no political posts in the top 10. It sure seems like those posts are often highly contested; apparently they attract a narrower, more vocal crowd. Who would’ve thunk that garments appealed to the most readers?

I also thought it might be interesting to see what the top posts were by month:

Sept – (Andrew S) Strange bedfellows for progressive Mormons
Aug – (Mormon Heretic)  Interesting Presentations at Weber State
July – (Mike S) If I Were in Charge, Stop Requiring Specific Donations for Spiritual Participation
June – (Mike S) If I Were in Charge, Tithe the Church’s For Profit Business
May – (Andrew S)  Uncorrelated Mormons Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
April – (Mike S) Good vs. Great:  Iomega and GC Statistics
Mar – (Shenpa Warrior) How do these BYU athletes get caught
Feb – (Andrew S)  John Dehlin and the Technicolor Blog Game Changer
Dec – (Hawkgrrrl & jmb275)  The CHI Says What?
Oct – (Jeff Spector)  Mormon News of the Weird

Anybody else surprised that these 2 lists don’t match?  Do you have any favorite posts not listed here?