The single hardest thing I had to do as bishop, repeatedly, was deciding who would get fast offering help, and who would not.  So, I’ll let you help me on this one.  You’re the bishop!

There is a family in your ward that runs hot and cold with church attendance.  They come for 6 months, and then disappear for another 6 months.  Once during their six-month church vacation you visited them. They really did not have an explanation for their inactivity, just that they were busy.  While in their house, you noticed their kids had all the latest electronic gadgets, and they had a large screen plasma TV.

A few months later, they show up in church, and the husband asks for a meeting with you.  You know what’s coming, as you have helped them in the past with rent assistance.  Sure enough, the husband asks if the church can help pay their rent. You remind him that while they were doing well this past year (as evidenced by all the expensive toys in their home), that they did not pay any tithing or fast offerings.  In fact, it has been well over a year since they paid any tithing.

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