Bishop Bill, back after a long needed vacation! Just to reintroduce this section, its called “You’re the Bishop”. My name is Bishop Bill. I was Bishop for 6 years in a medium sized ward in the South West.

Once every few weeks I’ll post a situation that I had while I was bishop, and let you decide how to handle it. I have changed the people and circumstances when needed so that no confidences are compromised, and not even the person about whom I drew the situation would recognize him/her and the source. Everybody gets to play, even the ladies out there.

Now, on to You’re the Bishop.

Poll #7:  Better Late than Never

An elderly widow in your ward asks to talk to you. You bring her in your office, and she nervously tells you that she has been reading Kimball’s “The Miracle of Forgiveness” She says she got to the part on sexual sins, and says there this something she needs to tell you. You can’t imagine what in the world this sister (in her 80’s) could need to tell you. She has held many callings in the church during her life, and her now departed husband held many very high level callings while alive.

She then precedes to tell you that before she and her husband was married over 60 years ago, that she and her then fiancée did ” inappropriate sexual things.”  You can tell she is very embarrassed in having to tell this to somebody young enough to be her grandson. She said that after reading Kimball’s book, she realized how serious this sin was. She said it was never confessed before they got their temple recommends. She has been feeling guilty for weeks now, and needed to tell you about it. She adds that after marriage, she was completely faithful to her husband.

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Or would you do something else?  Why?  Discuss.