FOX News finally got something correct the other day. I am not going to say they got something “right,” but everything is “right” at FOX.

They fired Glenn Beck. or maybe not.  Check this out provided to me by JMB. Thanks for the update. We might still have Glenn Beck to kick around.

New Update: The common thinking around the news industry was that Beck was indeed fired personally by Roger Ailes, Chairman of FOX NEWS and that other FOX commentators complained that Beck was too far out and hurt them as well. Check out this article.

Joanna Brooks did an excellent job describing this here in her article.

The thing I found so strange about Beck is that I started out liking him.  I went out and purchased the DVD about his conversion. My wife and I were very touched watching it, as we are both converts so we could relate to some degree.  While he was on HLN, he seemed reasonable even for a conservative.

When he moved over to FOX, the trouble began. At FOX News, nothing is too outrageous for them. They are willing to slant their news toward their point of view and even to the point of editing people speeches to reinforce their own messages. They are behind the birther movement, the Obama as socialist theory and are definitely in the Republican camp. Of course, to be even handed, MSNBC is not shy about their left of center leaning slant on the news.

But back to Beck, As Joanna points out, Beck has been the prophet of doom this past two years or so, ranting against anything not in line with his own twisted thinking.  Attacks on George Soros as a kid in the Holocaust, Reform Rabbis, anyone or anything Islamic, and on and on. His viewership dropped, his advertisers fled and in the TV world, those are the ingredients for cancellation. The most disturbing part is that he is a favorite of Mormons, both because he is one and also because in the US, most Mormons are conservative and subscribe to a like point of view as Beck. The lack of “loving one’s neighbor” is inconsequential.

Well, I wish Beck well and hope he recovers from his extreme views.  His radio show continues, so I doubt it.

On another note, what is with the Republicans war on the poor? As today might be the day the government comes to a standstill because both sides of the Congress and Senate cannot come to agreement on a continuation to fund the US government. Never mind a budget, but not even the continuing resolution.

Seems the Congressional Republicans, fed by the Tea Party Movement want severe cuts to the Government Spending. This is not a bad idea. The US Government, we all pretty much agree, is an overblown monster which spends more than it takes in and cannot seem to control itself. That is the fault is with US Congress, who decide how much money government departments get.

So, if cutting the budget is good, what is the problem?

Well, the Republicans want to cut out programs that help the poor, the elderly and children. Their remedy to the problem is to take away needed help from the “least of God’s children.” While not all of these people are the “deserving poor” as some might call them, many are living at  or well below the poverty line especially in this economy.

The hypocrisy of it all is that these same budget cutters are doing absolutely nothing to cut the budget of the Defense Department, subsidies to Oil and Agriculture industries, corporate welfare or anything to pertaining to the richest segment of America. In fact, they are doing everything in their power to continue to return money to the richest Americans and largest Corporations at the same time these same corporations export jobs outside of the US.  The finance industry is back to paying huge bonuses to its employees without fundamentally changing the way they have done business, which drove this country to the brink of depression.

I think we all agree that cuts are necessary, but why on the backs of poor folks anymore.  Rich Americans and Corporations can afford to give up some of their Government Welfare, long before some of the real poor people of this country. Oil companies in particular, are making more money today in profits than any group of companies in American History. Why do they need subsidies?

Let’s be fair.