No doubt, Facebook has changed all our lives in making it easier to stay in touch with friends across distances and to reconnect with friends from different phases of our lives.  It has also created a subculture with its own code of behavior, social niceties and infractions.

Some unforeseen benefits to Facebook that you may have noticed:

  • You never have to attend another high school reunion.
  • You can secretly find out how fat/old/bald/divorced/incapable of grammatically correct status updates your exes are, thus eliminating any regrets or “what ifs.”
  • You can satisfy both your exhibitionist and voyeuristic tendencies all in one place.
  • You can experiment with being a farmer/fry cook/pirate/mafiosa/unicorn from the comfort of your living room.
  • You can find out what your kids are up to and who their friends are (if like me you require that they “friend” you).  Bonus:  you know which of your kid’s friends are potty mouths/partiers/promiscuous/potential Columbiners.
  • Easy access to the latest viral You Tube trend/Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert riff plus amusing commentary from your friends.
  • Birthday greetings out the yin-yang, even from people you friended without knowing who they were just to be polite.
  • Fakebook.

Some drawbacks I didn’t expect:

  • Annoying acquaintances selling stuff.
  • “Cause” spammers.
  • Ads that imply your target demographic is fat/bald/old/cellulite-laden, thus eroding your self-esteem.
  • The discomfort of reading someone’s too intimate/revealing/pathetic/mentally unstable status updates.
  • When worlds collide:  friends from different times or facets of your life all being in one place together.
  • When your clever, ingenious status update fails to generate any commentary.
  • Friend requests from people you neither want to offend nor accept.
  • People posting embarrassing pictures of you from bygone eras.
  • Realizing someone has de-friended you.

Which of these Facebook faux pas have you committed?

  • Facebook ho.  Willingness to friend just about anyone.  If you have over 500 friends and you’re not a celebrity, you might be a facebook ho.
  • Incessant Status Updates.  There’s a fine line between Facebook and the boring parts of reality TV.
  • Publishing Game Results.  Guess what – not even your mother gives a damn that you just harvested a bumper crop of superberries.
  • TMI.  If you’ve ever thought: “I wonder if this is too personal?” – it is.
  • Sympathy Seeking.  Comfort’s nice and all, but FB is a fairly public shoulder to cry on.
  • Stalking.  I guess it’s all fun and games until you get caught.
  • Mixing work with pleasure.  Facebook has become what the office party of the 1950s used to be, a potential career-ender masquerading as a good time.

Are there other Facebook faux pas that drive you crazy?  Which of these Facebook faux pas would cause you to unfriend someone?  Discuss.