We were having the lesson on baptism.  Full room, even with some people missing (we easily have twenty high priests show up for group, sometimes more).  A guy who doesn’t come to our meeting often is bloviating as hard and fast as he can.  Over and over again, kind of getting in the way of other comments and discussion, and he disagrees with the lesson (which he has not read).  Keeps citing to authority that doesn’t exist.  In one beautiful moment of clarity, the stake presidency counselor in our group gets a comment in about sharing one another’s burdens as it relates to baptism and our promises before Christ.

After, as we are headed towards Relief Society to meet with out wives, someone remarks about the guy.  I responded, with the other comment in my mind, that sometimes some people just need to talk.  And some times, we bear their burdens by listening to them, no matter what they are saying or how they say it.  Together we are stronger, better, and closer to Christ.

One more thing to be grateful for this day.