I understand that we cannot text message faith. I remember hearing a lesson (at least a couple times over the course of six years of Aaronic Priesthood classes) about the necessity of humanity in faith and the Gospel. We cannot simply build robots (I believe one was named Cal…Q. Later) who regurgitate the lessons. And in fact, the lessons have become more organic and human with new materials.

But, still, we live in 2010 and we are moving forward. Technology is a part of much of our lives. How much do we use it to supplement our faith?

A while back, a friend of mine on twitter invited me to work with her to write an article on the LDSTech Community, (or at least cover the Developers Conference they held earlier this year.) I was flattered to be asked to work in such a project. I also found myself extremely inadequate.

I ultimately decided to decline the invitation.

This article isn’t going to be a comprehensive coverage of anything like that [so, if you happen to be reading this, @NotSoPoetic, it’s not like I stole your idea and went along without you :) .]

But recently, I’ve been thinking about that.

I am somewhat interested in technology. I dual-boot between Windows XP (yes, I understand that this operating system is…almost a decade old) and Linux Mint. I don’t necessarily collect, but I am very interested in smartphones and their OSes, keeping track of news about the new iOS 4, Blackberry OS 6, Android, webOS, Windows Phone 7 Series, and…you get the point?

But I am simply an enthusiast. I don’t program. I don’t develop. I consume and scrawl out some code in a terminal occasionally in order to troubleshoot.

So, from a technological standpoint, I obviously don’t think I can even scratch the surface of talking about the LDS Tech community…except from a standpoint of being a consumer.

Back when I had a Palm Pilot (and then when I moved to a Dell Axim x51v…and then when I moved on to…you get the point), I always wanted to find some kind of program so I could load up the scriptures with me. Back then, I guess I just wanted to do it because I could. (Maybe such is true now).

So when I downloaded the LDS Gospel Library to my Palm Pre, I guess I felt the spirit of old times’ sake. Of course, if you don’t already know, the LDS Gospel Library is available for all the major mobile platforms.

I guess I could give a review. But again, that’s not quite the point here (although I will say I am quite impressed with the app.) I’m really just trying to provide a framework for discussion.

Of course, since we are all here, then we know about blogging. But are we just readers? Are we commenters, or are we writers as well? And beyond blogs themselves, do we engage technology with our faith in any other ways? Twitter, anyone?

I’m just wondering…how much…and in what ways…does technology supplement and help your faith?