(something a littler lighter than the CHI changes, gays kissing at BYU, etc)

When Hillary Clinton was caught up in the e-mail mess, a little known fact was reveled about the classification of some of her e-mails. Some were classified so high that the Inspector General of the Intelligent Community was not cleared to read then, and had to receive additional clearances (or “read in” to the program, in intel speak) so he could review them. They were classified at the “Special Access Program” (SAP) level. These are programs so sensitive, that they are not even acknowledged to exist. Some call these “black” programs. There are official cover stories to be used when working on them so as not to tip even your spouse why you are traveling so much to the desert in Nevada for example.

While I was reading about the special programs, the thought came to me that the church has several levels of classification for its “Secrets”. The 2nd Anointing might fall in a SAP. It is not even acknowledged to exist, and when one is “read in” to the program, they are given cover stories on why they need to travel to a temple on a Sunday morning, and they are told never to talk about it, even to family members.

But even the 2nd Anointing has hundreds if not thousands of people “read into” the program. The more people you let know your secrets, the more likely that secret will get out. What about the more sensitive aspects of the church? I’m sure the church has several former FBI and CIA agents that work in “Operational Security” (OPSEC) at church headquarters. Unlike physical security, OPSEC is the work of securing information from adversaries. Part of the way they do that is to limit the number of people that have access to the information. This is called compartmentalization. Sensitive information is restricted to only those that have a need to know. That way if there is a leak, only a little information is reveled. Only a few people know all the secrets.

So lets look at the financial program of the church. There are probably several levels of classification, or access to this information. The highest would be knowledge of every penny the church has, and where it is. This would be classified “First Pres Eyes Only” (FPEO) as we have recently learned. There are maybe only 10 people in this SAP. The three in the FP, maybe the President’s personal secretary and the Exec Sec for the FP, and then six people at Ensign Peak Advisers.

The next level might be Q15 Only. This is general information about the finances, like maybe how much tithing is brought in each year, how much it costs to subsidize the missionary program, etc. so maybe 40-50 people are in this compartment.

There is probably a “Temple” compartment in the security plan of the church. There would be a building compartment, where they would keep secret the locations of future temples (to avoid property speculation) and a temple ceremony compartment where they work on new temple films, scripts, changes to the ceremony, etc. All the Q15 would be in this compartment, plus hundreds of others.

So do you think there is a formal classification system like governments have? Does the church have a formal FPEO and Q15 stamp they put on documents? Are there any former or current Church employees reading this that has first had knowledge of the classification system the church uses?