Last week I was on a business trip to Washington DC. I picked up my car at the airport, and turned on the radio. I didn’t bother to change the channel, and it was on an AM conservative talk radio station. So I listened for about 45 min as I made my way to my hotel.

After a while of listening, and hearing all the push-back on the Impeachment of the President, some of the arguments started to make sense. For several days I listened to that station, and became more convinced they were right. On the last day, I changed the radio to a regular news channel, and heard some sound bites from the Impeachment hearings, and started to change my mind back to the other side.

I was startled on how just a few hours of listening to one side of the issue could influence me. This got me to thinking about what I listen to and read about the church. Could reading and listening to progressive and post-mo web sites and podcasts tip me one way, and conversely could reading the Ensign and listening to General Conference lead me the other way?

If I chose to believe (the new buzzword from our leaders), could this really just mean to only listen and read from approved sources? If I stopped reading anything but, and listened to only General Conference talks, maybe I would believe more?

What do you think? Could you choose to stop reading my posts, and start to believe by only reading Can immersion in one thought or the other really sway us, even though we know better before jumping in? Does this explain why listeners of Fox News become more supportive of Trump, and listeners of John Dehlin on Mormon Stories get drawn farther from the church?