I have long wondered why we have Ward Conference. It seems like a wasted meeting to me. I don’t understand why we need to re-sustain General, Stake, and ward leadership. It seems like a mindless formality. What am I missing here?

We recently had ward conference again, and it’s the first time since the 2-hour block. There was one difference. After sacrament meeting, rather than go to Primary, Sunday School, etc., they asked all children 8 years and up to meet as families. They divided us up by last names. A-G met in RS room. H-M meet on gym stage, and N-Z met somewhere else.

The meeting I attended was by the stake president. He discussed parables in the New Testament, but to be honest, it wasn’t much different than a typical lesson on the New Testament. I’m sure this family-centered focus was probably part of Pres Nelson’s focus on the church supporting families, but I can’t say that it was a particularly inspiring meeting.

So again, what’s the purpose of ward conference? Is this format similar to other people’s experiences for ward conference?