Similar to putting hard things on a shelf, sometime we we push them clear until the next life.  The messiness of polygamy, and the sealing problems that I wrote about are often explained away by the injunction: God will sort it out in the next life.  

I see “putting things on a shelf” as things we don’t understand, but maybe we will learn and understand them after praying, studying, (reading FairMormon?)., or having it explained to us. But other things, like who a woman that is sealed to two men will be with in heaven, we know we’ll never get an answer in this life, so we punt it into the next life (1). But this punting often leads to inaction by leaders, and heart ache for those affected by this inaction.

Take for example global warming, and the bigger picture of environmental stewardship. We as Mormon’s should be at the fore front of protecting our planet, but sadly we are not. It is because Christ is coming soon, and he will destroy the earth with fire anyway (the ultimate global warming!) This will lead to a hard life for future generations, includes our own progeny.

So what things have you punted into the next life? What have others punted away? Should a prophet that speaks to God on a regular bases (nightly at 2 am!) be able to answer these “unanswerable” question, and keep possession of the ball?

(1) I got the phrase “punting into the next life” from a post by Jason K at By Common Consent