File:Introspection 1990.jpgI’ve been working on a post about male-centered cultures where protecting men is more important than protecting women. E.g. a rape occurs and the focus is on preserving the man’s future rather than protecting and healing the victim.  Unfortunately, with the current events, such a post would get swallowed up in political comments and posturing, so I decided to pull it.

I also considered a post about the pilot program in Portland on interviews for children and how a recently excommunicated advocate of similar things has affected the dialogue for the worse.  But that discussion gets too personal, too quickly.

The truth is that there are often posts in process that end up waylaid by current events for all of us here.

Which left me with just this introspection for this morning about how time and chance happen to us all.



Image from Wikimedia Commons “Introspection” by Ferdinand Pire Ferdinand.