So how is the new Elders Quorum going? In my ward, we had about 20 active HPs, and 15 active Elders. Even 20 was a bit big in HP, but with people gone, and in callings, we had between 10-15 people attending each week. With this number we were able have intimate conversations, tell inside jokes with each other, and overall have a fun time, even if the GC talk we were supposed to be using as a lesson plan had long gone out the window for a discussion of whatever we wanted.

(as a side note, I went to the media library to find a photo of an “Elders Quorum” and found the above photo.  This is a new one that I’ve not seen in the past, so is probably put up post combination, as it shows older and younger guys in the circle. But notice the small intimate size, not practical in my ward)

Now we have over 30 people, we barely fit in the room, the new EQP is a former Bishop and was just released from the High Council so he could be what is evidently the “assistant Bishop for adults” in the ward. The lessons seldom deviate from the GC talk that was boring the first time we heard it, and now is just painful.

I’m lucky that I have a daughter and her family in the area, so I’m visiting them more and more each Sunday, which gives me a great excuse to miss Elders, and to spend time with my lovely granddaughters.

Last week the former HPGL, who is now 1st Counselor in the Elders Quorum asked me what I thought about the new quorum. I told him I didn’t like it. I told him I missed the small group discussions, and the intimacy that is now gone.

How has your experience been? Do you think that violating D&C 107:89 [1] is an inspired move, or one done out of necessity due to worldwide conditions, and shrinking numbers? Or is it both; inspired because of the changing demographics of the membership?

[1] D&C explicit says that the EQP is to preside over Elders, it says nothing of him being able to preside over High Priests.