Alright, we got a bunch of great nominations last week!  I’m sorting this from fewest to most nominations.  (We didn’t get many Tare-ific Nominations!

Tarefic Awards

What was the worst excommunication of 2017?
Who was the biggest soapbox commenter of 2017?
Who was the worst commenter in 2017?
Tarefic Write-in category:
What was the worst Mormon Internet Drama in 2017?
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Now it’s time to vote for the best of Mormonism and the Bloggernacle!  From Fewest to most:

Best Solo Blog:
What was the Best Bloggernacle Controversy last year?
Best contribution to the Bloggernacle in 2017:
What was the funniest blog last year?
Coolest Scoops!
Best post series last year:

What was the best Mormon activism of 2017?

Best contribution to interfaith dialogue:
What was the Best book/article/movie review last year?

What was the Best post on feminism last year?

What was the Best new blog (first published in 2017)?

What was the Best faith crisis post last year?
What was the best post title last year?
Who was the best commenter last year?
  • JR
  • Mike
  • Dan
  • Happy Hubby
  • MTodd
  • Andrew S.
  • Jason K.
  • Dani Addante
Funniest Post last year:
What was the Best doctrinal post last year?
Best satirical post last year?
What was the best historical post this past year?
Best current events post last year:
Best personal post last year:
Best post on church policy of last year:
Which of these write-ins is most deserving of a Wheaties Award?

Now on to the rest that we need nominations for!