Bishop Bill back with more.  We’ve had situations with a YW and a YM and their dress, with lots of lively comments.  Now lets have some with some adults.

A middle age single man moves into your ward. He has been divorced for 10 years. He was married in the temple. He has been inactive for  many years and is just starting to come back. He would like to go back to the temple. During your Temple Recommend interview, he confesses to having had sex with a woman about a year after he was divorced. This relationship went on for several months, and then he broke it off. He has not had any other law of chastity problems since (over eight years).  What do you do?

  1. Have a Bishop’s Disciplinary Council or refer him to the Stake Pres for disciplinary action?
  2. Work with him informally towards repentance?
  3. Give him a Recommend immediately after a short talk?

Would your answer change if he had not been endowed?

Would your answer change if it had only been 4 years since the infraction?  2 years?