Today’s guest post is from Bishop Bill.

On 25 Feb, Elder Oaks gave a devotional at Church College of Hawaii, known by the younger generation as BYU-H.   The title was “Pushing Back Against the World”.  In the talk he gave a shout out to the dangers of global warming, and even a not so veiled reference about President Trump’s aggressive politics, and the uncertainty it brings to the world:

These are challenging times, filled with big worries:  wars and rumors of wars, possible epidemics of infectious diseases, droughts, floods, and global warming.  Seacoast cities are concerned with the rising level of the ocean, which will bring ocean tides to their doorsteps or over their thresholds.  Global warming is also affecting agriculture and wildlife.  Nations whose prosperity depends on world peace and free trade worry about disturbing developments that threaten either or both of these.  We are even challenged by the politics of conflict and the uncertainties sponsored by the aggressive new presidential administration in the world’s most powerful nation.

This has not gotten much play in the Utah media. (There is a link to it on the front page of, but it does not work at this time).[1]

  • Is it because his audience was very international at BYU-H, and the message might not play well at home?  Global Warming and Trumps rhetoric are not welcome topics to conservative Utahns who voted for Trump.  
  • Will we see a continuation of this theme in General Conference? 
  • How far can Elder Oaks, and other GA’s push this theme without alienating their conservative base?


[1] The Trib has now picked this story up here.