Last week I discussed Temple Work for the Mentally Disabled, and this week I want to ask what to do when you come across a family member that has been excommunicated.  What do you do?  Do you need special permission?  If the person was born more than 110 years ago, do you just do it?  If the person died more than a year ago and you are a close family member, do you simply do it yourself?  If you knew them, does their opinion matter?  If you didn’t know them, does not knowing make it easier to just do it?

I note that Mormon Heretic’s post mentioned that at one time there were “Fears that their own deceased progenitors might not accept the gospel in the afterlife,” but Church president Lorenzo Snow stated that “very, very few of those who die without the Gospel will reject it on the other side of the veil.”  If so, is it safe to assume that an excommunicated family member will probably accept the ordinances done on their behalf?  Is there official church guidance on this issue? If the church requires special permission, do you just do it anyway and bypass the extra paperwork because of Snow’s guidance?