My wife has a cousin that was severely mentally disabled due to near constant seizures (averaging about 7 times per day.)  Due to her mental disabilities, her family did not feel the need to baptize her until her teenage years when she wanted to participate in baptisms for the dead in the temple.  The bishop noted that she needed to be baptized herself, which she readily agree to do.  She died in the middle of the night when she seized in bed and suffocated at the age of 26.

I noticed her temple work was not completed, and her family said that was because of her mental disabilities and the bishop and stake president noted that it is not necessary.  I mentioned to her sister that in 100 years, nobody is going to know her (I’ll call her Amber) and that someone was going to wonder why the ordinance wasn’t completed in her life and submit the name to the temple anyway.  I recommended that it it would be nice for a family member do her temple work, rather than some stranger that doesn’t know her.  What do you think?