President Kimball

I was talking to a friend, and asked him if there was a current apostle like Spencer W. Kimball–that is someone who might come up with a groundbreaking revelation (concerning perhaps gays, women, or some other issue) among the current crop of apostles.  I remind you all that when Pres Kimball assumed the role of the prophet, he said that there were no plans to change the priesthood restriction during his first press conference in 1974.  He was the first prophet to issue a revelation since Wilford Woodruff in 1890 with the Manifesto.  (Note Joseph F. Smith’s 1918 vision wasn’t published until 1978–along with Official Declaration 2–and was secret until then.)  In order to keep the list fairly short, I have excluded Pres Monson and have listed just the top 6 in seniority.  What do you think?

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