Could you tell our readers a little about yourself?

dragon1I’m Jill Rowe. I’m known on Facebook as Jill Hazard Rowe. I am one of the originals who helped get the ball rolling with the Mama Dragons. I never thought it would grow so huge.

I was born and raised in the SF Bay area to a Mormon mother and an Episcopalian father. I grew up Mormon, and grounded myself by seeking my own answers and my own spiritual connection with God that led me to the faith. I served a mission to the Boise, Idaho mission. I was married in the Oakland Temple. We have lived all over the United States (my husband was a consultant and then was moved by employers) and have had six amazing children.

I’ve been a relief society president, seminary teacher and about everything else.

I understand you are with a group called the Mama Dragons, tell us what that is?

dragon3Mama Dragons started as a mutual support group. We have an official statement on our public FaceBook page. It is a group to support women who have LBGT+ children. It is for mothers to support each other and children – ours and others who need us.

How did you become a Mama Dragon?
There were four of us and then eight of us.  One night we were talking about a Gay Straight Alliance in American Fork and the mother moving behind it reached out to us. We started talking with each other about 11:00 p.m. every night.

My husband travels a lot and there was just a lot on my mind.

Next thing you know, we had a Facebook page that was confidential. We have tried to keep the group pure to our purpose to support each other and our children, to make a difference in a positive way and the group has just kept growing.

How has that affected your faith and your relationships?

dragon2I feel God’s hand with us. There is nothing special about us, but I feel that God heard our tears and our faith and has moved with us.

To me this is the core of what the faith and love that the Relief Society teaches us is all about.

Mama Dragons has strengthened my faith and my relationships, with others, with my children and with my husband.



Mama Dragons is group to support women who have LBGT+ children. It is for mothers to support each other and children – ours and others who need us — to prevent suicide and to prevent children who have been cast out from starving or otherwise coming to real harm.



What is the one thing you feel people need to know the most about your child?

dragon4The day after my child came out to me, I felt two things very strongly by the Spirit. First, that my child was created by God as he was. Second, that my child had fought for free agency with all of us. My child is perfect as he is, with a good heart and soul and has begun to find joy and peace with his own spirituality.

There are things he has had to do for his own safety and health and we support him in that.

Where could our readers go to learn more about the Mama Dragons?

You can go to

What question do you wish people would ask you that you never get asked?

Quotes & InspirationI would like to be asked how has having an LGBT+ son changed everything in my life? How I’ve survived being seen as an apostate? How I’ve had a faith journey that God has led me on that began with my seeking God as a teen and living by faith and in reliance on the Spirit of God since? How I have increased in love and faith and in the Spirit at every stage?

I thought the old me was so loving and non-judgmental. The new me has improved and continues to improve – and understands that I need to keep improving to be truly loving and non-judgmental.

God is with me and with all of us if we will only let him, and there is so much work to do.