Before you read this, recognize that there are some excellent, excellent podcasts out there.

That said, you can wrap up a lot of podcasts by just plugging in the following review:

  1. They complained that the church should make people uncomfortable.
    • Too many liberals at church who need to buck up and get a grip about reality.
    • Too many conservatives at church who need to realize that progressive politics are the heart of the truth.
    • Too many lazy people at church who don’t work hard enough on the speaker’s favorite cause.
    • Too many driven people at church who don’t realize they need to stop and smell the roses.
  2. They complained about how some things at church made them uncomfortable.
    • All those other people complaining and telling them what to do.
    • All those other people judging them over the complaints.
  3. They complained that it was too hard to complain to the hierarchy about things.
    • Who wants to just talk to a stake president?
    • Come on, if it is only 2-3 people in each ward complaining each month, surely it wouldn’t take that many apostles to give them all personal hearings and listen to them at length.
  4. They were unhappy with people who complain to the hierarchy about them.
    • Can’t people just quit complaining?
    • Can’t they get some perspective and realize that my complaints are the valid ones?
    • Don’t they realize “I the lord will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required …” doesn’t apply to me?!
  5. They complained about cultural imperialism.
    • All those people trying to import other cultures to Utah from California or other foreign places.
    • All those people trying to export Utah culture to other places.
    • All those people thinking that where the most members are should drive most practices.
    • All those people thinking that some diversity should be interjected.
  6. They complained about cultural practices of others (including the practice of polygamy in Nigeria and other places).
    • And that green jello!
    • And that red jello!
That will save you from listening to many podcasts.  😉
Humor aside, what are the best and the worst podcasts you have listened to?  Why?  Links?