You already saw last week who won the Wheaties and Tarefic awards. In this post, I’ll update the lists of historical winners to add this year’s winners. And as always, I’ll do a fun (for me, anyway) little analysis with the voting data. This year, I’ll show how the votes on each question progressed across the week of voting, so you can see which questions were tight races for how much of the voting period.

Award results from previous years

Okay, historical stuff first. This is the fourth year of the Wheaties/Tarefic awards here at Wheat and Tares. Before that, the Bloggernacle awards were called the Niblets, and were hosted at various blogs:

2005: Bloggernacle Times (no longer online)
2006: LDS Niblets (link; see also here for some graphs)
2007: Trash Calls (no longer online)
2008: Mormon Matters (link)
2009: Mormon Matters (link)
2010: Bloggernacle Times (no longer online)
2011: none
2012: Wheat and Tares (link; see also here for some graphs)
2013: Wheat and Tares (link; see also here for some graphs)
2014: Wheat and Tares (link; see also here for some graphs)

Here are the winners for this year’s awards listed with winners in the same category from previous years.

Best big blog

2015: By Common Consent
2014: By Common Consent
2013: Feminist Mormon Housewives
2012: Feminist Mormon Housewives
2010: By Common Consent
2009: By Common Consent
2008: By Common Consent
2007: By Common Consent
2006: By Common Consent
2005: By Common Consent / Times and Seasons

Best group blog

2015: Wheat and Tares
2014: Wheat and Tares
2013: Rational Faiths
2012: Doves and Serpents
2009: Segullah
2008: Segullah
2007: Zelophehad’s Daughters (won for best small blog)
2006: Zelophehad’s Daughters
2005: Nine Moons

Best solo blog

2015: Flunking Sainthood
2014: Flunking Sainthood
2013: Keepapitchinin
2012: Keepapitchinin
2009: Keepapitchinin
2008: Keepapitchinin
2007: Dave’s Mormon Inquiry (most votes of any solo blog for best small blog)
2006: Dave’s Mormon Inquiry
2005: Dave’s Mormon Inquiry

I guess next year we’ll have to see if Flunking Sainthood can keep up the tradition in this category of having back-to-back-to-back wins.

Funniest blog

2015: Expert Textperts
2014: Just Say Amen Already
2013: Just Say Amen Already
2012: Sistas in Zion
2009: My Regis Blog

Best new blog

2015: FEMWOC
2014: MormonPress
2013: Aspiring Mormon Women
2012: Peculiar People
2009: Sistas in Zion
2008: Keepapitchinin
2007: Juvenile Instructor / Mormon Matters
2006: Mormon Mentality
2005: Snarkernacle

Best podcast

2015: Year of Polygamy
2014: Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast
2013: Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast
2012: Mormon Stories
2006: Mormon Stories (won write-in category)

Lindsay at fMh really has this one nailed down. When she doesn’t win for the fMh podcast, she wins for her amazing work that started as an fMh side project, the Year of Polygamy.

Best blogger

2015: Hawkgrrrl, W&T and BCC
2014: Julie M. Smith, T&S
2013: Winterbuzz, fMh
2012: Hawkgrrrl, W&T and BCC
2010: Ardis E. Parshall, Keepapitchinin
2009: Tracy M., BCC
2008: Ardis E. Parshall, Keepapitchinin and T&S
2007: Kevin Barney, BCC
2006: Wilfried Decoo, T&S
2005: Wilfried Decoo, T&S

Hawkgrrrl is the third two-time winner of best blogger.

Best new blogger

2015: Michael Austin, BCC
2014: Kristine A, BCC/W&T
2013: Mike C, ZD

Best commenter

2015: Ziff
2014: New Iconoclast (aka Grey Ghost)
2013: Hawkgrrrl
2012: Hawkgrrrl
2010: MikeInWeHo
2009: MikeInWeHo
2008: Ray
2007: Julie M. Smith
2006: gst
2005: annegb

Best book/article/movie review

2015: For the Cause of Righteousness: A Global History of Blacks and Mormonism 1830-2013 – Michael Barker, RF
2014: The Crucible of Doubt – A Review – Adam Miller, T&S
2013: Satan’s Plan 2.0: Deseret Book Edition – Edward Jones, RF
2012: Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet–A Round Table – Juvenile Instructor
2009: Review: The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance – Amri Brown, BCC

Best current events post

2015: Behold, Your Little Ones – Jacob, BCC
2014: Do Women Count? – Julie M. Smith, T&S
2013: An Appeal to Those Concerned But Not Yet Alarmed by Climate Change – GeorgeH, LDS Earth Stewardship
2012: On Nastiness: Why nice Mormons can be so very very mean (about Pants) – fMhLisa, fMh
2010: Fascinating Womanhood – Stephanie, fMh (voted best political post)
………  Everything that is wrong with LDS Gospel Teaching series – John C., BCC (voted as best post on contemporary Mormonism)
2009: Captain Moroni is NOT a man of God – Brad Kramer, BCC
2008: TAMNers Goes to Washington! – TAMN, Seriously So Blessed

Best doctrinal post

2015: How to Teach Mother in Heaven and Not Be Excommunicated – Michael Barker, RF
2014: Disgracing God to Save a Prophet – Lori Burkman, RF
2013: No Offense . . . – Ifrit, fMh
2012: Are We Paying Too Much Tithing? – Rock Waterman, Pure Mormonism
2010: A Rant about Scriptural Literalism – Ardis E. Parshall, Keepapitchinin
2009: There is an End to Race – Brad Kramer, BCC
2008: Is There Another Approach? – Julie M. Smith, T&S
………. “Never Lead Us Astray.” and Dissonance – AdamF, Mormon Matters
2007: Why I Liked President Beck’s Talk (Mostly) – Kristine, BCC (voted best post)

Best faith crisis post

2015: Recovering my Sea Legs on the Old Ship Zion – Grover, BCC
2014: When the Levee Breaks – Lori Burkman, RF
2013: 25 Things You’re Doing Wrong – Michael Barker, RF

Best historical post

2015: About that “Polygamy Policy” Timeline – Ardis E. Parshall, Keepapitchinin

(This is a new category.)

Best personal post

2015: Where is the Outrage? – Amy, Exponent
2014: Infertility: Sometimes it hurt to be a Mormon – Camille, RF
2013: When you ask for bread and receive a stone. Forgiving Our Leaders and Finding Ourselves – fMhLisa, fMh
2012: To See Face to Face – Kristine, BCC
2009: A Study in Contrasts: The Dole – Tracy M., BCC
2006: Dressing the Dead – Ardis E. Parshall, T&S (voted best post)
2005: Coffee – Wilfried Decoo, T&S (voted best post)

Best post on church policy

2015: Where is the Outrage? – Amy, Exponent
2014: Church Discipline: Women Disciplined By Men – April Young Bennett, Exponent
2013: This Must Stop: A Call to End Sexually Invasive Interviews – Kam, D&S

Amy’s post takes home the Wheatie in two different categories! That’s pretty impressive!

Best post on the Church’s new exclusion policy on gays

2015: Consequences, Intended or Otherwise – Julie M. Smith, T&S
(This is a new category.)

I dearly hope that we can retire this category next year because the policy will go away, but I guess now that it’s a kinda sorta revelation, I’m probably not going to get my wish.

Best post on feminism

2015: Why I Am A Mormon Feminist…And Why I Won’t Tell You To Be One, Too – Jess R, Exponent
2014: Why aren’t the women included in this? – Lori Burkman, RF

Best post series

2015: She Shall be an Ensign – Ardis E. Parshall, Keepapitchinin
2014: When the Temple Hurts – Sara Katherine Staheli Hanks, fMh
2013: Equality Is Not a Feeling – Heather, D&S

I know I’m not the only one who’s looking forward to seeing Ardis’s book of the same title that will follow up her post series!

Best post on the temple

2015: Temple Prep for Daughters: Brace Yourself – Angela C, BCC
2014: The Mormon Priestess (The Short Version) – Elisothel, fMh

Best post title

2015: The Church of the Nuclear Family of Latter-day Saints – Emily U, Exponent
2014: What Would Dolores Umbridge Do? – Hawkgrrrl, W&T
2013: Date Me, NOT My Uterus – Tracy M, BCC
2012: Exactly 1000 words on pants – Cynthia L., BCC
2009: How Wide the Divide . . . and can we ever Bridget? – Kaimi, T&S
2008: For I was an hungered, and ye shot me – Kris Wright, BCC (voted as a write-in for best title)

Best satirical post

2015: Helping our Children Choose Bi-pedalism – Michael Austin, BCC
2014: Neckties: Priesthood Attire or Lucifer’s Lust Pointer? – Cruelest Month, Exponent
2013: Brother Jake: Mormons are Not Sexist – Bro. Jake, W&T

Best spiritual post

2015: Where is the Compassion? – Violadiva, Exponent
2014: “Such a Time as This,” Remarks at Stanford Convocation – Cynthia L., BCC
2013: “Bound Hand and Foot with Graveclothes” – Kristine, BCC
2012: All Eternity Shakes: Mormonism’s Weeping God – Jacob Baker, BCC
2009: Tears in Heaven: A LDS Perspective on Stillborn and Miscarried Babies – JA Benson, Millennial Star
2008: Auld Lang Sin – Russell Arben Fox, BCC
………. When Saw We Thee an Awkward Preteen? – Kristine, BCC

Funniest post/thread

2015: Dear Sister Sassy: Raising a Stripling Warrior – Em, Exponent
2014: Every Bloggernacle Argument About Feminism, As Told in GIFs – Petra, ZD
……… If You Like Trunk-or-Treats You Probably Don’t Have a Testimony – Scott B., BCC
2013: The Ordain Women October 5th Action as told in GIFs – EOR, Expert Textperts
2012: Nacle Notebook 2012: Funny Comments – Ziff, ZD
2009: Come, Ye Poets of the Bloggernacle – Karen H., BCC

Wow, the Exponent bloggers really cleaned up with a lot of these best post awards! Congratulations!

Best Mormon activism

2015: Mama Dragons
2014: Rational Faiths pledge to Liahona Children’s Foundation
2013: Ordain Women
2012: All Enlisted: Wear Pants to Church Day (voted by write-in)

Best Mormon Facebook group / discussion forum

2015: Feminist Mormon Housewives Society
2014: Feminist Mormon Housewives Society
2013: exMormon reddit
2012: Feminist Mormon Housewives Society

Best Bloggernacle controversy

2015: The Church’s new exclusion policy on gays
2014: Kate Kelly excommunication

Best contribution to the Bloggernacle

2015: Sunstone, for expanding its speaker pool and having record breaking symposium attendance in 2015
2014: Year of Polygamy Series – Lindsay Hansen Park, fMh Podcast

Kudos to Lindsay for winning this for two completely different projects!

Best contribution to interfaith dialogue

2015: Keys to Equality art project at the World Parliament of Religions
2014: Grace for Grace
2013: Jana Riess, The Twible
2012: Joanna Brooks
2009: Bridget Jack Meyers at Clobberblog
2008: Bridget Jack Meyers (voted “Nicest ‘Evil Villain’”)

Wheaties write-in

2015: Best demographics: Church President Probability Changes with President Packer’s Death – Ziff, ZD
2014: Best blog phrase: “The PRethren” – Villiami
2013: Ziff, Commissioner of the Bloggernacle
2012: Best Social Activism: All Enlisted – Wear Pants to Church Day
2010: BCC Zeitcast
2009: Best community: fMh
2008: Best sideblog: BCC
2007: Best controversies: Married Mormon Graduate Students on Welfare – Is It Right?(Devyn S. at Mormon Mentality) / Waldorf Style Nursery (Artemis at fMh)
2006: Best podcast: Mormon Stories

Biggest soapbox commenter

2015: Meg Stout
2014: Jettboy
2013: Donnette Moore (aka Elizabeth Johnston) and various sock puppets on Let Women Pray and other Mormon Feminist sites.
2012: Nick Literski

Worst commenter

2015: Chris Henrichsen
2014: Jettboy
2013: Jettboy (won for worst comment)

I know Chris said he was hoping to win, so congratulations, Chris!

Worst Mormon internet drama

2015: The Church’s new exclusion policy on gays
2014: General Conference confusion – the debate over whether the General Women’s Meeting is actually part of Conference.
2013: Daniel Peterson’s ongoing drama over Mormon liberals, John Dehlin, and his totally unrelated career change
2012: Pantspocalypse

The new exclusion policy won both for best Bloggernacle controversy, and for worst Mormon internet drama. I guess it was definitely the most prominent controversy, and that’s how it won both. Or voters both thought there was good discussion of it, and also got tired of discussing it after a while.

Worst excommunication

2015: John Dehlin
2014: Kate Kelly (won for best Bloggernacle controversy)

Here’s another category I wish we could retire because it was no longer relevant, but I don’t have much hope that we’ll be able to.

Tarefic write-in

2015: Kate Kelly Crowdfunding a laptop
2014: Worst Mormon activism: Mormon Women Stand
2013: Worst Post/Youtube video about Modesty: Jessica Rey
2012: Worst Comments: Facebook comments on the Pants page

Progression of votes through the polling period

I’ve made up a graph for each question that show the cumulative votes through the week-long polling period. Many of the questions had runaway winners from the beginning, but others were competitive right up to the end. This might be particularly interesting to look at given that the folks here at W&T set up the polls so that the results couldn’t be seen during the polling period, so unlike in past years, voters couldn’t see whether they were voting in a close race or a runaway.

Note that for the questions that had more than four options, I put only the four that got the most votes in the end on the graph, to avoid making them too difficult to read. If there was a tie for fourth place, I put only the top three.

best big blogWell, this is nothing like the tight race we had in 2009. Or the scandal of 2012. Truly, those were the golden years of voting controversy!

best group blogbest solo blog

For many questions, the voting was pretty much decided in the first day or two. In this category, though, Lisa Torcasso Downing’s Life Outside the Book of Mormon Belt made a strong run in the middle of the week, but couldn’t quite catch up to Jana Riess’s Flunking Sainthood.

funniest blogbest new blogBoth of these were close for a day or two before turning into runaways.

best podcastbest overall bloggerbest new bloggerbest commenterThis one was tight until the end. If we had ended early in the week, Kristine would have won, and if we had ended mid-week, we would have had a tie.

best book article movie reviewbest current events postbest doctrinal postbest faith crisis postbest historical postbest personal postWow! This one wasn’t decided until the last day!

best post on church policyAmy’s post “Where Is the Outrage?” got a big bump at about the same time in both categories in which it was nominated. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising: voters who liked it in one category probably also liked it in the other.

best post on the exclusion policybest post on feminismbest post seriesHere’s another one that was close until the end.

best post about the templebest post titlebest satirical postIt was an open question until the end whether the one Michael Austin post would win in this category, or the other Michael Austin post would win. I guess that’s why he’s the best new blogger!

best spiritual postfunniest post

Sorry the graph doesn’t make this clear, but the green line and the purple line are on top of each other at the end.

best mormon activismbest mormon facebook community discussion forumbest bloggernacle controversybest contribution to the bloggernaclebest contribution to interfaith dialoguewheaties write-inbiggest soapbox commenterworst commenterworst mormon internet dramaworst excommunicationtarefic write-inOkay, that’s all I’ve got. Thanks to everyone who voted and gave me some fun data to play with. And thanks to everyone who participated in the nomination process. I always enjoy looking back at the best of the Bloggernacle from the previous year. There’s so much good writing and podcasting out there, and it’s easy for me to lose track of it the moment I’m done reading or listening. I always enjoy having a chance to look back.