Music is still where I am at with this policy change. I can’t begin to properly articulate how I feel. Music more fully expresses aspects of those emotions. This week I’d like to share Stephanie Mabey’s Glorious as arranged by Masa Fukuda and performed by the One Voice Children’s Choir.

This song was first written and performed by Stephanie Mabey. It was used for EFY in 2012 performed by Russ Dixon, and then used as the theme for the movie Meet the Mormons performed by David Archuleta. Fukuda’s arrangement was created in just a few days as a competition entry for the One Voice Children’s Choir. His arrangement was performed beautifully recently by one of the house junior choirs in my children’s school house music competition.

How can a tradition that can produce something so expansive and full of hope turn around and slam down the shutters?