With the new policy banning children of gay parents from baptism, there has been much talk about the 2nd Article of Faith.

We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression.

Many have emphasized the first part of the sentence, but Frank Pellett noted that this Article of Faith is incomplete when read that way, and really refers to the idea of original sin.  He noted that

It specifically talks about Adam’s transgression, not that no one is ever affected by the sins of their ancestors. Women covenant to their husbands for Eve’s transgression. In the Temple. That’s about as far from your interpretation of AofF2 as you can get.

Come to think of it, all men die because Adam partook of the fruit.  All women covenant to obey their husbands because of Eve’s indiscretion in the garden.  Women have painful childbirth because of Eve.  For a long time, the LDS Church blamed the restriction of priesthood and temple ordinances to blacks because of the Curse of Ham.  I suppose that it could be argued that Mormons do believe in some curses that span generations.  This has caused me to wonder, do we need to clarify Article of Faith 2?  Do Mormons believe God curses people so much so that He doesn’t want them to be baptized?

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