Kim Davis, county clerk in Kentucky, has made headlines with her refusal to issue marriage licenses to both gay and straight couples applying for marriage licenses.  I was surprised to learn that (1) she is a democrat (I’ll bet she has more republican supporters and Democratic haters than any other person in America), and (2), even the Westboro Baptist Church is protesting her!  Noting that she has been married 4 times to 3 different men, the WBC calls her an oath breaker and adulterer, stating “Proud adulterers who divorce/remarry and refuse to call it a sin are no more a WBC member than a proud fag.”

Kim Davis jail photo

Well, she is a recent convert to Pentecostalism.  She experienced a “religious awakening” in 2011, following her mother-in-law’s “dying wish” that she attend church.[54] Davis has held Bible study for inmates of the Rowan County jail.[54] and calls herself an “Apostolic Christian”[7] who worships three times a week[53] at the Solid Rock Apostolic Church near Morehead, Kentucky.

I’ve been wondering why she hasn’t been fired yet.  Since it is an elected office, the only way to remove her from office is via impeachment, and she is setting herself up to be impeached.  From Wikipedia,

Davis continued to deny the licenses, saying she was acting “under God’s authority”. On September 3, 2015, she was jailed for contempt of court.[10][11] After deputy clerks began issuing marriage licenses in her absence, she, through her attorneys, stated that any marriage licenses not bearing her signature were invalid,[12] while Rowan County Attorney Cecil Watkins dismissed her argument.[13]Attorney General of Kentucky Jack Conway is currently considering whether a special prosecutor should pursue potential charges of official misconduct against her.[14]

The Rowan County Attorney’s Office said it has referred to the Attorney General of KentuckyJack Conway‘s office a charge of official misconduct against Davis.[47] The decision of whether to file charges is up to the Attorney General Conway.[48]

Seemingly this would set in process impeachment proceedings, though I have no idea if state legislators in Kentucky would support impeachment and removal from office for her beligerence.  We often make fun of wacky Mormons–at least this is a wacky Pentecostal.  What are your thoughts?